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Why do we eat so much?


Why do we eat so often?

Now Christmas has arrived! Happy Holidays to all of you! 
I hope most of you have included a desire for health and active longevity in your New Year and Christmas notes. 

I am sure that for many, attempts to lose weight and start a new life have resulted in reverse weight gain, overeating and even greater distortion of eating habits. 

And all this for one reason - diets do not work, as they are based on willpower, which works out of wear and is quickly depleted with diets. Yes, willpower is an energy resource and it is quickly depleted during continuous work.

The first myth that I want to dispel is the myth that to speed up your metabolism, you need to eat 4-6 times a day in small portions.
Unfortunately, some universities are still teaching nutritionists to recommend frequent and fractional meals.

Let's see what the real research has to say.

  1. The first is whether you eat 2000 calories in 2 meals or in 8 meals - the body needs the same amount of calories, which is spent on assimilating these calories. Conversely, eating more often can have the opposite effect!
  2. Research shows that there is indeed a point at which the body begins to lower its metabolism.
  3. However, this point is not located 2-3 hours after eating (what the adherents of fractional nutrition are trying to substantiate their theory with), but 72-96 hours after eating!
  4. After fasting or long intervals between meals, our metabolism increases by 3.4% -14% in the next 48 hours.

This is due to the release of the hormones adrenaline and norepinephrine after a fasting period, and these hormones actually instruct the cells to burn fat and speed up the metabolism.

In total, fact number 1, which we include in our piggy bank - the constant consumption of food is evolutionarily and demonstrably harmful to our health.

Due to the constant consumption of food, we become the average static carriers of all modern diseases, and diseases appear at a younger age than in previous generations.

All health and good holidays!