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How does our body burn fat?


How does our body burn fat?

The global epidemic of overweight, obesity and diabetes requires effective, long-term solutions to:

  1. Prevent weight gain. 
  2. Activating the process of burning fat and losing weight. 
  3. Maintaining ideal weight and body composition on a long-term basis. 
It is intermittent feeding that gives us this opportunity!

But let's first take a look at where our bodies take energy when they need it.

First of all, our body takes energy from stores of blood sugar and glycogen (a compound of glucose, which is deposited in the form of small granules in the cytoplasm of muscle cells, liver, kidneys, as well as in brain cells and white blood cells).

These reserves, accumulated during the last meals at short intervals, are used up within 8-12 hours on average . Only after these 8-12 hours of using the stored reserves, our body begins to burn fat for fuel.

That is why, with intermittent meals, I lead clients to a fairly quick transition from 12 hours to 14-16 breaks after meals.

It is during these 2-6 hours (the period after the burning of sugar and glycogen) of fat burning and cell renewal that the maximum effect on health and weight loss occurs.

When a person switches to interval eating and begins to burn fat and other unnecessary deposits in the body - especially in the intestines - they naturally become cravings for sweets and unhealthy foods.

38-week studies on mice (which have a very short life, and therefore, on their example, you can quickly see all the effects) showed that those mice that could eat anything and as much as they wanted during this period of time (3-4 years in terms of human), developed obesity, metabolic syndrome and other abnormalities.

Those mice that were given access to food at a specific time during the day remained slim and healthy.

Think of how we have been slowly killing ourselves with food for years, continually filling our stomachs, condemning ourselves to illness and earlier death.

So, one more lesson for armament - a break in food should be 12-16 hours.