Microbiome (part 1)


Did you know that 90% of the cells in our body are not ours at all, and that they are not even human? 

And what are these 90% of cells - cells of microbes and bacteria?

And what exactly to them and their correct combination do we owe our evolution in resistance to viruses and our immunity?

Did you know that it is these microbes and bacteria that affect your weight and metabolism?

You will probably be surprised, but you will forget about excess weight and calorie counting as soon as you put your intestines in order and in full balance. In addition, our hormonal balance is highly dependent on the balance of our microbiome and on gut health in general.

The human genome contains only 22 thousand genes, the number of genes of the microbe and bacteria living in our body reaches 3.3 billion!

Hopefully this 150: 1 ratio has convinced you to take serious care of which genes and which microbes enter our intestinal tract. 

And the very first let all microbes and bacteria (harmful and beneficial) inside our body - through food - everything that we drink and eat. 

We are what we eat - that's right!

But, given what we already know about the microbiome and human metabolism, I would reformulate this phrase.

We are what microbes we are made of, and what we assimilate depends on it. We are rather what we assimilate.

❇What and what nutrients we absorb or not, whether we remove the remnants of the digestive process, toxins, excess hormones and sugar - it all depends on what we eat and what kind of microbiome this food creates.

❇The microbiome is able to influence our appetite, our immunity, our mood, the development of chronic diseases, as well as alter the expression of our genes.

Remember the first principle of microbiome health - it primarily depends on what we eat.