Microbiome (part 1)

Important facts about the microbiome!

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Foods That Affect the Microbiome

The first step in improving the microbiome and regaining gut health is to remove unhealthy foods from the menu for 2-3 weeks to allow the microbiome to recover.

Do not be afraid, later you will be able to gradually bring back these products and eat them, but already consciously, realizing that it is better to reduce the frequency and quantity of their consumption.

  1. eggs
  2. all dairy products
  3. sugar and all sweeteners
  4. gluten. We remove all types of cereals.
  5. all grains - quinoa, rice, spelled. While they are better than gluten, they are carbohydrates that bad bacteria and germs love.
  6. Soy and soy products (Soy is found in many foods, even those you might not expect to see).
  7. Trans fats and hydrogenated fats.
  8.  Food additives, colorings, preservatives, flavors. Here we remove toxins of any origin.
  9. Excessive and Chronic Stress.

We breathe clean air as much as possible, buy biological household chemicals, and clean more often at home and in the car.

If it is difficult to take the whole list into "circulation", choose 3-4 points with which it is easiest for you to start. Remove them from your life for 2-3 weeks and track how you will feel.

I wish everyone a healthy intestine!

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