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Reishi mushroom


In China, Korea and other Asian countries, the Reishi mushroom is known under the name "ling-zhi", which translates as "mushroom of immortality." This fully characterizes the unique healing qualities of this gift of nature:

  • Helps fight premature aging, especially beneficial for the skin and liver.

  • It helps to strengthen immunity and suppress the development of tumors of various origins.

  • Calms the nervous system, as it activates the production of the "hormone of happiness" in the body.

  • Helps fight obesity and normalize blood sugar levels.

  • It helps to improve blood parameters, in particular, its oxygen saturation.

  • Helps to normalize blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and prevents blood clots.

  • Helps to restore the body after severe physical and psychological stress, as well as during seasonal epidemics.

On the territory of Russia, this mushroom became known not so long ago, although its use for the purpose of healing has not hundreds, but thousands of years.

There are several contraindications for the use of this mushroom:

  1. children's age up to one year,

  2. pregnancy and breastfeeding,

  3. bleeding tendency.

The mushroom is usually used either in the form of alcoholic tinctures or teas made from dried mushrooms. Currently, it is sold in pharmacies both in capsule form and in dry form.

Ground reishi mushroom is well suited for a weight loss program because it contains a large amount of chitin (the cell membranes are composed of it). This component swells in the stomach, gives a feeling of fullness and prevents the absorption of fat. And also the powder version has proven itself as a tonic and prophylactic agent.

Reishi mushroom extract. It does not contain chitinous membranes of cells, so the active substances are absorbed easily and almost immediately. In this form, the mushroom is used if there are serious health problems and it is necessary to quickly help the body cope with them.

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