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18 reasons to try intermittent fasting


Why is intermittent eating the most effective approach for losing weight and improving health?

  1. Ayurveda has been talking about such nutrition for over 5 thousand years. 
  2. Unlike fashionable and restrictive diets, intermittent eating does not increase the level of the appetite hormone (ghrelin), does not slow down the metabolism (from a sharp decrease in calories), but on the contrary - reduces the level of appetite and speeds up the metabolism. 
  3. There are hundreds of studies supporting the effectiveness of intermittent eating in weight loss and overall health, reducing the risk of many diseases and genetic predispositions. 
  4. This approach is easy to apply and maintain throughout your life. 
  5. Intermittent eating (with periods of starvation of at least 12 hours) has the strongest effect on life expectancy. So far, there are only studies in mice, whose lifespan increased by 30% with long-term intermittent feeding. 
  6. Reduces the risks of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases. 
  7. It has the same therapeutic result as prolonged fasting, only it is easier to use, has no risks and does not require medical supervision. 
  8. Intermittent eating has been shown to be more effective in reducing insulin resistance than prolonged uninterrupted fasting. 
  9. Improvement of biomarkers such as lipid profile, cholesterol, blood pressure, leptin (saturation hormone), growth hormone. 
  10. Helps to reduce and maintain weight at the desired level, including body fat. 
  11. Improves body shape - burns fat, not muscle. 
  12. The structure of the skin, hair and nails is improved. 
  13. Improves brain function. 
  14. Improves the composition and quality of the microbiome. 
  15. Reduces the risk of cancer. 
  16. Reduces sugar cravings. 
  17. Reduces the level of oxidative stress on human cells. 
  18. Improves hormonal balance and increases fertility.