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         You may not realize that your symptoms could be signalling the onset of perimenopause or menopause, and that's completely fine. Hormonal changes which need to be addressed often start at early thirties and vary in its gravity and speed of progression. Our mission is to share cutting-edge research and world knowledge tailored specifically to your unique body and lifestyle, paving the way for a more vibrant, fulfilled life.

    Our expert guidance on integrative and holistic health prepares you to navigate perimenopause and menopause with elegance, energy, and a deep understanding of your body's science, letting you embrace these stages with informed confidence.

  • 30 years of experience
  • 5 years of research
  • Functional medicine methods

         We strive to eradicate gender bias often faced by women from physicians, researchers, and the media. Our cutting-edge algorithms are rooted in the scarce yet validated research specifically on women, not based on male-centric data as most apps do. We craft personalized daily programs tailored to your hormonal cycle, life stage, and unique health/environmental circumstances.        Our comprehensive approach reflects the beauty and complexity of the female body, inspiring us to continually integrate new research and knowledge into our service.

        We aim to bridge the healthcare gap for women, with a focus on the sensitive life stages of perimenopause and menopause. Regardless of where you are in your reproductive journey, our FemiSpace platform is here to provide tailored support, informed by scientific research and best practices drawn from years of traditional and conventional wisdom.

  • 15,023 scientific papers
  • Exclusive, tailor-made daily program, handcrafted just for you!
  • 30 years of results, 10 countries

Experience freedom from biases of traditional doctors, researchers and media narratives.

         Our revolutionary approach integrates research, AI, nutritional expertise, and exercise science, providing you with actionable insights for your symptoms, health, and overall well-being. Whether you're embarking on the journey to conceive after 35, navigating the complexities of perimenopause, managing the transition through menopause, or learning about the Stages of Osteoporosis, we are here to support you every step of the way. Our guidance encompasses understanding your body's changes, effectively managing symptoms, improving health biomarkers, and preparing you for the years beyond your reproductive stage.          At the heart of our mission lies you - the ageless, ever-youthful, and beautiful woman. FemiSpace stands unrivaled as the platform that offers unparalleled personalization, comprehensive coverage, and an unwavering commitment to every aspect of your life as a woman.       Rest assured, your privacy is our utmost priority. Your data remains under your control, used exclusively to enhance our service to you. We maintain complete transparency in our data handling practices, ensuring your information is never shared or transferred without your explicit consent.

Tailored to your unique history, lifestyle, needs, and goals, our program maximizes the benefits of nutrition and exercise, empowering you to achieve optimal health.
With a focus on evidence-based approaches, our comprehensive program encompasses the most advanced practices in conventional medicine.
Integrating the latest scientific breakthroughs and best medical practices, we employ cutting-edge techniques to prolong life and rejuvenate the body.
Leveraging ultra-personalized AI and advanced technology, we create fully customized plans tailored specifically to you.

With targets, comprehensive reviews, and unwavering support, our program ensures that you receive continuous feedback and guidance.

Fertility and hormone balance boost in 120 days
Ultra-personalized program to boost femininity, reduce weight, take control of hormonal balance.
«Nutrition and wellness»
DNA is not your destiny.  However,  it can be a good guide on your path to health and longevity. We work with selective partners for the best DNA tests on the market for wellness and nutrition.  

           At FemiSpace, we're acutely aware that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among women in the U.S., yet there's a significant lack of solutions tailored specifically to the unique needs of females.           We understand that cardiovascular disease differs greatly in its manifestation between males and females, with factors like biology, risk factors, symptoms, and even the size of blood vessels playing critical roles.      In light of this, we're committed to developing comprehensive, individualized solutions for women's cardiovascular health.          We appreciate the way in which female hormones can impact cardiovascular health, for instance, by increasing sodium and water retention in the kidneys, which in turn affects blood pressure. It is clear to us that sex-specific diagnostic tests and treatment options are not just desirable, but necessary.        FemiSpace aims to fill this gap, providing a more informed approach to female cardiovascular health.

Elevate Your Life: Empowering Women through Hormonal Balance, Physical Well-being, and Mental Health

      At FemiSpace, our method combines the wisdom of years of practice, scientific knowledge, and ancient wisdom. We empower women to achieve their life goals by enhancing hormonal, physical, and mental health, ultimately elevating vitality and self-confidence.      Recognizing that nutritional and lifestyle changes are most effective when combined with motivation and daily support, we provide a comprehensive approach that encompasses all these aspects, ensuring your success in reaching optimal well-being.

Achieve Your Ideal Weight and Enhance Body Composition
Elevate Your Hormonal Well-Being
Achieve System Rejuvenation and Enhanced Beauty
Diminish risk of age-related conditions
Experience a Slowed Down Aging Process
Your Hormonal Journey, Your Way
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Which topics are addressed by our programs?

Tired of chronic fatigue, low energy and sub-optimal memory capacity
You know that you run several genetic risks and look for a solution to avoid them
You have repeatedly noticed what your hormones are of balance
You dream about lean body without exhausting and harmful diets
You have difficulty in adopting new habits or maintaing optimal weight
Which topics are addressed by our programs?
        At FemiSpace, we go beyond generic information and articles. Our approach is all about YOU and your unique health journey. We craft personalized plans for action and learning that are specifically tailored to your needs and preferences, and we continuously adapt them to ensure they remain relevant and effective. No more searching and guessing - we provide you with a comprehensive and personalized roadmap that takes the guesswork out of your health and wellness journey. With Femispace, you'll have the tools and support you need to make informed decisions and achieve your health goals. Take control of your well-being with Femispace's precision and personalized care today!

Discover the FemiSpace approach to 5P medicine and unlock its transformative potential for your health.

                Discover the transformative power of 5P medicine and its profound impact on your well-being. At FemiSpace, we embrace the future of healthcare, offering a fully individualized approach that actively involves you in your journey towards health recovery and prevention. 

        By harnessing insights from your DNA, lifestyle, and various other factors, our comprehensive strategy goes beyond generic recommendations, providing a tailored roadmap for preserving your unique health.  

           Experience how these cutting-edge technologies can enhance both the quality and longevity of your life, while leveraging the principles of positive psychology to foster a mindset of empowerment and success. Take charge of your health with Femispace and unlock the potential of personalized precision medicine combined with a positive mindset today!

Seeking a personalized approach that takes into account your unique bio-individuality and lifestyle?

Experience the power of complete customization with our tailored programs designed exclusively for you!

Precision medicine

FemiSpace stands as a beacon for the precision approach in healthcare, representing a new paradigm that could be termed the 5th P - Precision. While its interpretation varies across different sources, precision, in our context, is an extension of personalization, going beyond the surface to fine-tune healthcare solutions according to each minute biological detail. Leveraging scientific research, robust data analysis, and the power of advanced technology, we aim to make healthcare solutions not just personalized, but laser-focused on individual needs.

Personalized medicine

FemiSpace embraces personalized healthcare, customizing each wellness plan to reflect the unique aspects of every woman's life journey and intricate blend of factors, creating a truly bespoke health experience.

Preventive medicine

Unlock a groundbreaking approach that enables analysis and implementation of preventive protocols, effectively mitigating the risk of developing genetically or environmentally predisposed diseases. Our methods encompass tailored nutritional and lifestyle modifications, prophylactic treatments, alternative remedies, as well as optimized medication choices and administration for existing conditions. By proactively addressing potential health concerns, we empower individuals to take control of their well-being and embrace a path of optimized health.

Predictive medicine

Imagine a transformative approach to your health, one that leverages an intricate analysis of DNA, biomarkers, lifestyle choices, and a plethora of environmental and social factors. This advanced technique not only forecasts potential health conditions but also enables you to manage and prevent them proactively. Designed with your uniqueness in mind, our predictive strategy enhances the pursuit of personalized wellness, revolutionizing the future of women's healthcare.

Participating medicine

FemiSpace believes in placing the woman at the heart of the healthcare journey. It's time we move from dreaming to experiencing truly customer-centric healthcare. FemiSpace advocates for patient involvement at every step, understanding that your engagement is a critical component of positive health outcomes.

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Ayurveda and TCM in healing, prevention and rejuvenation

               At Femispace, we embrace the wisdom of Eastern healers who view the human body as an interconnected system. Our approach goes beyond treating symptoms; we focus on addressing the root cause to restore harmony in your body. With Ayurveda as a proven holistic system for treating chronic diseases, we target imbalances in body, spirit, and soul.

      Our dedication to your well-being is evident in how we adapt the best practices and lifestyle recommendations from Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicine to your specific needs. Our programs are designed to be simple and easy to follow, building gradually over several weeks or months. No need to decipher complex terms or search for information online. Just dedicate 15 minutes a day to the activities in your personalized program, and witness the transformative power of our approach.

Experience the extraordinary synergy of science, ancient wisdom, and advanced technology at Femispace, where we offer a personalized approach to conquer hormonal imbalances. Through comprehensive assessments, we delve into your unique hormonal profile, identifying areas for optimization. Our expert guidance and evidence-based methods will help you navigate nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments, all tailored to address specific hormonal challenges. Embrace this empowering journey with us, and unlock the true potential of balanced hormones for a life filled with vitality, resilience, and joy.

By blending the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine with the advancements of modern science, DNA tests, technology, nutrigenomics, and personalized lifestyle, we unveil the ultimate path to youthful vitality and extended healthspan! Embark on this journey with baby steps, introducing one simple practice or habit every 2-4 weeks, and witness the transformative power of our holistic approach. Embrace the holy grail of health and rejuvenation with us at Femispace!

For over two decades, I have successfully integrated the best of conventional and traditional medicine to achieve outstanding results for both my clients and myself. This powerful fusion allows us to experience quick, easy-to-implement solutions that accumulate over time, resulting in improved health, youthful vitality, and an extended life span. With Femispace, we aim to bring this harmonious approach to our users, providing them with the best of both worlds for optimal well-being.

Marina Vieva
Integrative Nutritionist, founder of FemiSpace

      Today, numerous ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) herbal treatments have gained scientific validation. These age-old practices have demonstrated their efficacy in various studies, leading to increased recognition and acceptance.       Furthermore, Western clinicians are now actively researching the reasons behind Ayurveda and TCM's remarkable success in treating chronic and challenging conditions, surpassing the outcomes of conventional medicine. This growing interest aims to uncover the underlying mechanisms and harness the potential of these ancient healing systems for the benefit of modern healthcare.

Ayurvedic dosha types are linked to early genetic differentiation methods.

      In Ayurveda, the concept of doshas forms the foundation for the initial differentiation in lifestyle and nutritional recommendations for individuals. Doshas describe a person in terms of physical appearance, disease predispositions, and lifestyle preferences.

Movement, nervious system.
Ferments function, hormones, digestion.
Scelet, anabolic system.
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Selected research articles

Results of our clients


Thank you, Marina, not only for the wealth of knowledge I received but, more importantly, for helping me fall in love with myself again and believe in myself. Your personal communication throughout the course, motivation, homework, checklists, and abundance of useful recipes were all thoughtfully designed and tailored to my needs. I've come to realize that healthy food can be delicious, quick to prepare, and cost-effective. In just ten days, I effortlessly lost 1 kilogram, and I feel like this is just the beginning of my journey. Most importantly, I know that if I ever need support, I can always count on you.

Daria , 36 years
New York

Good afternoon, Marina! I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the invaluable information I received from your Hormonal Nutrition course. When I enrolled, my main goal was not to lose weight but to gain knowledge about healthy eating for hormonal imbalances. In today's information overload, it's challenging to find the most valuable tips. However, during the first 8 weeks (about 2 months) I have got a clear and systematic approach. I now know how to choose and purchase the right products and have discovered numerous new, affordable, and healthy recipes. Over the course of 8 weeks (about 2 months), I managed to lose 4.5 kilograms (which is not easy at my age) simply by changing the quality of my food. Moving forward, I will continue following this path. Thank you so much! - Viktoria K, London

Victoria , 70 years
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