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FemiSpace endeavors to empower you on your journey to improved health.

Our goal

FemiSpace stands apart as a one-of-a-kind methodology and technology, harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). 

Unlike generic recommendations, our approach revolves around crafting tailor-made programs, taking into account individual client information. 

The outcome is a daily stream of personalized instructions delivered straight to your mobile device, encompassing everything from enhancing health and preventing diseases to rejuvenating, boosting energy levels, and fortifying stress resistance. 

Experience the cutting-edge of personalized health empowerment with FemiSpace.

Our values

Personalized Approach: Tailoring health programs based on individual client information.
Cutting-Edge Technology: Utilizing AI and ML to deliver advanced health solutions.
Disease Prevention: Empowering clients to lead longer, disease-free lives.
Hormonal Balance: Addressing hormonal imbalances during perimenopause and menopause.
Rejuvenation: Enhancing well-being through personalized plans for health preservation.
Increased Energy: Providing tools to boost energy levels and overall vitality.
Stress Resistance: Equipping clients with strategies to fortify stress management.
Healthspan Extension: Focusing on maintaining a high quality of life as we age.
Happiness Enhancement: Promoting overall happiness and well-being.
Data Privacy: Ensuring strict measures to protect client information and privacy.
Data Protection: Implementing robust data protection protocols to safeguard sensitive data.
Empowerment: Empowering individuals with valuable health insights and resources.

Our Mission

At FemiSpace, our unwavering mission is to revolutionize the health and well-being of countless individuals, particularly during the critical stages of perimenopause and menopause. 

We understand the challenges posed by hormonal imbalances during this time, and we are committed to providing you with the necessary tools and information to manage these changes effectively.

Through a wealth of information and cutting-edge tools, we strive to empower you to lead a longer, disease-free life, while specifically addressing the unique hormonal needs during perimenopause and menopause. 

At FemiSpace, our core values form the foundation of our commitment to improving lives and transforming health journeys with personalized solutions and unwavering dedication to data privacy and protection.

Our history


          At a tender age of 17, Marina, the visionary mind behind FemiSpace, embarked on her quest to combat overweight and emotional overeating. Determined to find solutions, she experimented with various diets, fasting practices, and even stringent weight loss methods. However, this arduous journey took a toll on her health, leading to the development of a stomach ulcer. This pivotal experience became the foundation for the first conclusions and realizations that would shape the future of FemiSpace.

Present Day: 

     Informed by the wisdom of her past, Marina has meticulously curated FemiSpace's approach, grounded in modern research and evidence-based practices. 

     FemiSpace stands apart by steering away from uncontrolled calorie restrictions and fad diets, as it has been proven that such approaches can trigger severe eating disorders and disrupt essential digestive and hormonal systems. 

    The journey of FemiSpace is a testament to the constant evolution and commitment to delivering transformative health solutions that promote a healthier, happier, and sustainable lifestyle for all. 

          In 1994, Marina Vieva embarks on a life-transforming journey, leaving her hometown of Kharkiv, Ukraine, behind to embrace a new chapter in Greece. During this pivotal year, she adopts the nourishing Mediterranean diet, marking the beginning of her exploration into the realm of diets and their impact on health.

         Driven by a thirst for knowledge, Marina delves into the study and practice of yoga and yoga therapy, immersing herself in the world of holistic wellness. This year also marks her first introduction to acupuncture and Chinese traditional medicine, inspiring a deeper appreciation for alternative healing approaches.

        As Marina embraces the Mediterranean diet with its emphasis on fewer carbohydrates, sugar, and meat products, she experiences remarkable results. The change in her dietary habits not only helps her maintain a healthy weight but also leaves her in impeccable physical shape.

          By incorporating a diverse array of vegetables, fish, and legumes into her diet, Marina witnesses a profound improvement in her appearance, weight, and overall health. The first long period of detoxification proves instrumental in purging her body of accumulated toxins from years of food addiction and malnutrition.

         Fuelled by newfound energy levels and a heightened sense of well-being, Marina's health reaches an all-time high. This transformative year lays the groundwork for the future of FemiSpace, inspiring her to share her knowledge and experiences to help others achieve similar transformative results in their health and happiness journey.

         In 2001, Marina Vieva embarks on a captivating journey into the realm of Ayurveda, delving into the ancient approach to body prevention, treatment, and rejuvenation. This newfound fascination with Ayurveda opens doors to a world of holistic wellness and inspires Marina to explore traditional healing practices.

        Marina's path leads her to Germany, where she further immerses herself in the study of homeopathy and its profound effects on the human body. This newfound knowledge deepens her understanding of alternative healing methods and their potential benefits.

        During this year, Marina's passion for research takes a new direction as she delves into the quality of food products and the composition of personal and household cosmetics. This pursuit of knowledge reflects her commitment to optimal health and well-being, extending beyond diet to all aspects of daily life.

         The transition to a new climate and cultural environment in Germany prompts Marina to seek ways to adapt her familiar Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. In this process of exploration and adaptation, she devises a groundbreaking scheme that combines the principles of both the Mediterranean and Ayurvedic diets. This unique approach offers an innovative solution for maintaining a balanced and nourishing diet, even in cold climates and unfamiliar surroundings.

              In 2006, Marina Vieva begins an enlightening 10-year travel period, marked by an incredible mix of study and work experiences. Her journeys take her far and wide, including stays in the United States, where she gains firsthand insight into the prevalent issue with the "Standard Ameri can Diet." This encounter with the American food culture becomes a profound learning experience, as Marina discovers the consequences of such dietary practices on health and well-being.

          "No matter how much I ate during my stay in the United States, I remained hungry, my body yearning for the essential nutrients it was lacking," Marina recalls. This realization becomes a catalyst for her to delve deeper into American research on food and proposed diets, seeking out knowledge from leading scientists and doctors who openly discuss the quality of food and the complexities of food production and advertising.

      During this transformative period, Marina takes her passion for personal care to new heights. She begins crafting her own skincare cosmetics, a practice she continues to this day to preserve her youthful skin. "The combination of my approach to food, lifestyle, and personal care grants me the opportunity to not only mitigate the harmful factors of life and stress but also to reverse them, enabling me to stay younger and healthier than my passport age," Marina shares.

           Year 2006 signifies a pivotal phase in Marina's journey, as her in-depth exploration of various cultures and lifestyles informs the foundation of FemiSpace's holistic approach. This period of self-discovery empowers Marina to develop a comprehensive methodology that encompasses not only dietary principles but also personalized skincare practices. The result is a transformative blueprint for individuals worldwide to embrace healthier, happier, and rejuvenated lives with the guidance and support of FemiSpace.

            In 2016, Marina Vieva ventures into an exciting phase of research dedicated to longevity, genetics, and rejuvenation. Driven by her insatiable curiosity, Marina meticulously analyzes and compares various methods used in these fields, exploring their outcomes and assimilating new scientific data.

        Her travels take her to India and Sri Lanka, where Marina rekindles her profound connection with Ayurveda. Armed with newfound experiences and a fresh perspective, she begins incorporating these ancient techniques into her own life and for the benefit of her clients.

        "The recipe for youth and longevity lies in the harmonious combination of nutrition, genetic insights, cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs, and the most effective approaches from alternative medicine," Marina shares.

            Speaking passionately about Ayurveda, Marina attests to the unparalleled efficacy of the classical and authentic Panchakarma in naturally rejuvenating the body. Furthermore, she reveals her belief in the profound impact of Chinese practices such as Tai Chi and Qigong on energy cultivation, distinguishing them as distinctively different from yoga.

       Year 2016 signifies a significant juncture in Marina's journey, as her deepened understanding of longevity and rejuvenation fosters the evolution of FemiSpace's methodologies. By seamlessly weaving together traditional wisdom and modern science, Marina forges a transformative path that empowers individuals to unlock the secrets to youthful vitality and extended longevity.

              At the end of 2019, Marina Vieva embarks on a new chapter in her journey as she relocates to France and begins working on an ambitious research project for FemiSpace. The primary goal of this project is to develop a comprehensive system for disease prevention, rejuvenation, and overall body fortification. This groundbreaking system encompasses a range of methods, starting from the simplest, such as dietary adjustments and exercise, to the most advanced approaches, including DNA testing, extensive functional diagnostics, and the utilization of innovative nutraceuticals.

            During this pivotal year, FemiSpace takes its first steps in forging partnerships with esteemed institutions. Collaboration with the University of Bordeaux is initiated, focused on studying the properties and genetics of herbs and products. This collaboration is a significant stride towards unraveling the potential benefits of natural remedies in enhancing overall health and well-being.

            Additionally, a fruitful alliance is established with a research institute in India, dedicated to investigating the efficacy of Ayurvedic medicines in combating diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and degenerative disorders. This partnership showcases FemiSpace's commitment to integrating traditional healing practices into modern health care approaches.

       Year 2020 with COVID pandemic, serves as a transformative period for FemiSpace, marked by the inception of a pioneering research project and the visionary approach to manage female's health. 

          In 2021, Marina Vieva takes a significant step forward, embarking on a journey to explore nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics, and the application of DNA tests for wellness and disease prevention for women. Despite her extensive experience and knowledge, Marina is struck by the disparity in research and the lack of scientific understanding surrounding the female body and its intricate hormonal complexities.

     Marina's quest for knowledge doesn't end there. She delves into the exploration of women's health and hormones, driven by a desire to break free from the discrimination and stigma attached to women's complaints, often dismissively labeled as "hormonal." She recognizes that the lack of in-depth research and scientific attention to the female body has perpetuated this unfair treatment and misunderstanding of women's health issues.

    Determined to make a difference, Marina develops a revolutionary application focused on women's health. The application seeks to empower women with vital knowledge about their bodies and hormones while providing personalized strategies for improving health, embracing preventive measures, and nurturing the body to its full potential.

        As Marina's vision takes shape, her passion for breaking down barriers and addressing disparities in women's health becomes the driving force behind FemiSpace's mission. 

    In the year 2023, FemiSpace is on the verge of a groundbreaking accomplishment. After years of relentless dedication and hard work, the team is about to launch an extraordinary application tailored to every woman in midlife. This revolutionary tool aims to provide ultra-personalized care and support, catering to every aspect of a woman's well-being.

        From meticulously tracking cycles and hormonal patterns to offering customized exercise routines, biomarker insights, nutritional education, and an array of delectable recipes, the application goes above and beyond to enhance every woman's life. Drawing upon thousands of research and development efforts and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this platform is set to revolutionize women's health and care.

         Not only will women gain valuable knowledge about their hormones and overall health, but they will also witness tangible results by following the application's tailored guidance. The significance of each monthly event is tracked diligently, empowering women to better understand their bodies and make informed decisions for their health and happiness.

        The application is a comprehensive resource designed to empower women, offering them the option to save their entries, activities, and symptoms. It provides a seamless interface for sharing these crucial details with their healthcare providers of choice. This level of personalized care bridges the gap between scientific understanding and the unique needs of women, offering them much-needed support and empowerment.

      As Marina, the team, and their young and talented software developers continue to fine-tune the application, a sense of hope and excitement fills the air. The platform will become a beacon of progress and empowerment, challenging stereotypes and encouraging women to embark on a transformative journey towards optimal well-being. With the launch of this revolutionary application, FemiSpace takes a monumental step towards shaping the future of women's health and care, one empowered woman at a time.

Pioneering the Path to Personalized Well-being with FemiSpace

         Marina Vieva, the visionary founder of FemiSpace, is a force to be reckoned with in the field of bio-hacking and well-being. With an impressive journey spanning 30 years, Marina's dedication to improving lives through personalized health solutions is unwavering. Her passion and expertise have led her to break barriers and explore the world of holistic health like never before.

              Over the course of her illustrious career, Marina has traversed continents, studying and learning from the finest institutions in the USA, Germany, Canada, and France. As a life and wellness coach, she has honed her skills and expanded her knowledge, seeking to touch the lives of countless individuals beyond her immediate sphere of influence.

      To bolster her credentials, Marina pursued certifications as an integrative nutritional coach from the renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in the USA and as an expert in clinical nutrition from The Health Science Academy in England. These accolades are a testament to her commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving health and wellness landscape.

              A true trailblazer, Marina delved into the realm of microbiome health, recognizing the significance of gut health in overall well-being. Her specialization in this area allows her to bring a comprehensive and holistic approach to health and longevity.

      Not content with her achievements, Marina embarked on a journey of deciphering genetic tests for health and longevity. Armed with this profound understanding, she unlocks the secrets hidden within her clients' DNA, empowering them to optimize their well-being based on their unique genetic makeup.

           With her formidable experience and expertise in hand, Marina founded FemiSpace, a groundbreaking platform that aims to revolutionize women's health and well-being. Driven by a desire to impact the lives of countless individuals, she strives to make personalized health accessible to all.

        Marina's dedication, relentless pursuit of knowledge, and compassionate spirit have culminated in the creation of an application that is set to redefine the way women approach their health. FemiSpace's unique blend of AI-powered insights and scientific research stands testament to Marina's unwavering mission of transforming lives.

                With Marina at the helm, FemiSpace emerges as a beacon of hope and empowerment for women, breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes surrounding women's health. Her vision for a world where personalized health and well-being are within reach for every woman drives her to push the boundaries of what is possible.

             As Marina continues to inspire and lead her team, her legacy as a pioneering bio-hacker and well-being expert grows, leaving an indelible mark on the future of women's health. FemiSpace serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and embrace a life of optimal health and happiness.

Dear friend,

At FemiSpace, we are deeply committed to your well-being, and I am personally dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in hormonal and general health and wellness.

With our innovative platform, we provide full personalization and unwavering support throughout your journey. I can assure you that by following just 50% of our carefully crafted recommendations, your body will embark on a transformative process of self-regulation and self-healing. The results will be evident as you start feeling better and experience a significant boost in your energy levels.

Your health and happiness are at the core of our mission, and I am here to guide you every step of the way. Together, we will unlock the full potential of your well-being and empower you to lead a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Here's to a healthier and happier you!

Warm regards, Marina Vieva

My approach at FemiSpace is all about ultra-personalization, catering to your unique bio-individuality. There is no set limit or perfect time to start improving your health.

Even if you decide to embark on this transformative journey at a more mature age, the results will be visible and, with time, truly significant.

My methodology is rooted in gradual changes, carefully tailored to suit your needs and preferences. These changes are designed to be both easy to implement and to have a direct impact on your overall well-being and health. Moreover, they are built to create a lasting effect, becoming an integral part of your life.

Remember, it's never too late to prioritize your health and embrace positive changes. I am here to support and guide you every step of the way.

Let's unlock your full potential for a healthier and happier life together!

Warm regards, 

Marina Vieva

Marina Vieva
Nutritionist and wellness coach.

Our team

              At FemiSpace, our success lies in the expertise and dedication of our exceptional team. We have carefully assembled a group of professionals who bring with them a wealth of experience in preventive medicine, nutrition, and wellness. Our team is committed to creating a revolutionary platform that empowers users to take control of their health and well-being.

           For gynecological topics, we are going above and beyond to provide our users with the best possible care. We are in the process of curating a comprehensive listing of accredited physicians and clinics, ensuring that our users have access to trusted experts in the field.

         One of our core principles is the integration of collective knowledge. We firmly believe that by bringing together the brightest minds in each field, we can create a holistic and comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Our team collaborates tirelessly to integrate the latest research and advancements in various domains, all with the goal of optimizing user experiences and outcomes.

       As we continue to grow and expand, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Together, we are determined to redefine the standard of care and support for women's health, guiding our users towards a path of empowerment, vitality, and longevity. With FemiSpace, the future of personalized well-being is brighter than ever before.

Neilly Hill
Neilly Hill
Fitness coach, master trainer
Katherine Petrus
Katherine Petrus
Gynecologist, MD
Megan Heigl
Megan Heigl
Preventive medicine, MD




Results of our clients


Thank you, Marina, not only for the wealth of knowledge I received but, more importantly, for helping me fall in love with myself again and believe in myself. Your personal communication throughout the course, motivation, homework, checklists, and abundance of useful recipes were all thoughtfully designed and tailored to my needs. I've come to realize that healthy food can be delicious, quick to prepare, and cost-effective. In just ten days, I effortlessly lost 1 kilogram, and I feel like this is just the beginning of my journey. Most importantly, I know that if I ever need support, I can always count on you.

Daria , 36 years
New York

Good afternoon, Marina! I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the invaluable information I received from your Hormonal Nutrition course. When I enrolled, my main goal was not to lose weight but to gain knowledge about healthy eating for hormonal imbalances. In today's information overload, it's challenging to find the most valuable tips. However, during the first 8 weeks (about 2 months) I have got a clear and systematic approach. I now know how to choose and purchase the right products and have discovered numerous new, affordable, and healthy recipes. Over the course of 8 weeks (about 2 months), I managed to lose 4.5 kilograms (which is not easy at my age) simply by changing the quality of my food. Moving forward, I will continue following this path. Thank you so much! - Viktoria K, London

Victoria , 70 years
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